Water Testing

The EPA recommends testing your well water at least once a year.  Our water test checks for the contaminates commonly found in well water:

  • Bacteria–Strains of E. coli can cause serious illness or death.
  • Lead–Causes developmental harm, neurological damage, and kidney damage.
  • Pesticides–From agricultural uses, linked to increased cancer rates.
  • Nitrates/Nitrites–From fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems.
  • Chlorine–By-products can increase cancer risk and cause bad taste and odor.
  • Hardness–Causes lime scale and higher detergent use.
  • pH–Can cause heavy metal (such as lead) leaching and plumbing damage.
  • Iron–High levels can destroy property and create a bad taste.
  • Copper–High levels can cause gastrointestinal issues and has been associated with liver and kidney damage.
  • Arsenic–High levels have been shown to produce acute toxic effects and it is classified by the EPA as a carcinogen.

For more information, visit the EPA guide section “Drinking Water Rule Quick Reference Guides“.