Expert Witness Service

An “expert witness” is someone with expertise in a particular area who is called to testify during litigation. A “fact witness” is a person whose testimony is limited to giving facts. An “expert witness,” by contrast, is allowed to give his or her professional opinion.


Consultant agrees to perform consulting and/or expert witness services as requested by Client and in connection with such services agrees to perform such investigation, document review, studies and research so as to be able to consult with Client and/or advise Client as an expert witness with respect to Consultant’s findings. Consultant agrees to verbally report his facts, conclusions and findings to Client and, if desired by Client, Consultant will prepare a written report and cause it to be sent or delivered to Client.  Consultant also agrees to assist in trial preparation and to testify as an expert witness in those areas in which he is qualified.

The full scope of Consultant’s work will be determined as the matter proceeds, and will be subject to the needs and requests of Client. Consultant and Client agree that Consultant will be performing services to this Agreement as an Independent Contractor.